Game Technique Applications in Teaching Arabic Words as a Foreign Language to Children [post]

Zeynep Arkan
2022 unpublished
In this study, games were prepared that will contribute to improving the vocabulary of children learning Arabic. Considering the target audience, it is known that game techniques and word teaching offer a fun and lively course environment and increase the motivation of the student. In this study, qualitative research methods were used. Document analysis technique was used in the collection of data. The findings were analyzed by the method of exponence analysis and a systematic framework was
more » ... blished for the study. The analysis of the documents according to the gains in the 2-8th grade Arabic curriculum prepared by the Ministry of National Education was carried out by a linguist and it was aimed to increase the reliability of the study. Three language experts were consulted for the scope validity of the games associated with the achievements and the games were rearranged in line with the incoming feedback. A total of 13 games were presented at this stage. Care has been taken to ensure that game designs are available to the entire class. In addition, it is important that the games are able to strengthen both oral and written communication. At the end of the study, it was proposed that games that can be played in open spaces such as outdoors and using technological devices can be designed in the form of dual or group work for children learning Arabic.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:7myqr6u55rdllgoa3btsd2ocu4