Simultaneous removal of oil and gases from liquid sources using a hollow fiber membrane [article]

Peter B. Kipp, Frank Seibert, Stephen William Briggs, Stacy S. Truscott, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Austin, The University Of Texas At
The present invention includes an apparatus and method for removing oil from a oil-containing liquid comprising oil and gas comprising: a source of oil-containing liquid; and a membrane contactor system in fluid communication with the source of oil-containing liquid, the membrane contactor system comprising one or more membrane contactors having a first and a second surface, wherein the first surface coalesces oil and removes gas from the oil-containing liquid, and the oil and gas are collected
more » ... on the second surface from the oil-containing liquid.
doi:10.26153/tsw/3578 fatcat:tjcmg3ae5bhgtfx64oeh7n4qpq