Query Expansion with Personalized Web Search Using Enriched User Profiles and Folksonomy Data

Kokil Nikita, Shinde Harshada, Wayal Madhuri, Yewale Ankita
2019 Zenodo  
Internet is most important and non-detachable part of human beings throughout the world. But Internet is an ocean of information that provides you vast details on whatever topic you search on the web. To infer the user search goals, many researchers have made an excellent effort through user searching history, user profiles or user searching knowledge and pattern but most of the techniques failed as it's not that the user will always try to search the same documents or contents over the
more » ... ts over the internet. Now a day's use of internet usage is increasing rapidly. Each new user may have his different user goals for large topics. Hence the efficiency of the search engine can improve by the analysis and inference of the user search goals. Due to improved efficiency of search engine time needed to search the query get reduced and user get only his goal oriented search results and unwanted data can get hide from the user . Currently everyone is searching on the internet and internet provides you ambiguous result of same things as it contains lot of information. The information related to the user goals will provide by proposed method system. In this system we have discover a novel framework to discover the user goals by clustering the user search goals and then new approach to generate the pseudo document to represent the clustering effectively. At the end to calculate the performance of the search engine we have proposed novel approach CAP.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2669987 fatcat:id3uoyr5gjdjfb2z42mn5uyelu