Ageing of Population in a Transitional Society: Case of Georgia

Mzia Shelia
2017 European Journal of Social and Human Sciences   unpublished
The process of ageing of the population of Georgia has been continuing for the last two centuries. At the current stage of demographic development, the process of demographic ageing is determined by an intense emigration of population. The studies carried out have demonstrated that there is no any other country like Georgia which has such clear regional differences in terms of the age structure in the area which is very small. Georgia is distinguished with a vast ethno religious and regional
more » ... iety of ageing of population that has contributed to an uneven nature of ageing. The presented work covers specifics of ageing of the population of Georgia in the post-Soviet period. In particular, it provides an analysis of the problems caused by an accelerated pace of ageing of population given the high poverty rates. The work discusses some socioeconomic problems of the aged population, estimates the demographic changes which may occur as a result of the ageing and identifies the relationship between poverty, migration and ageing in a transitional society as well as the problems relating to the determination of the pension age given the existing demographic dividends. The work provides an overview of the role of intergenerational transfers in the social security of the elder.