The GlueX Detector

D. Lawrence, Marvin L. Marshak
The GlueX detector is being built along with the new experimental Hall D at Jefferson lab as part of the 12 GeV upgrade project which received CD-3 approval in fall 2008. GlueX is a fixed target experiment built around a 2 Tesla superconducting solenoid having charged particle tracking and calorimetry with large acceptance. A high rate DAQ system consisting of pipeline electronics will allow the detector to operate at high luminosity (10 8 tagged γ/sec on target). Details on the photon beam and
more » ... the photon beam and GlueX detector are given including capabilities in resolutions and rates.
doi:10.1063/1.3293933 fatcat:jvomtm5dpfco7ltvewbilk3uxy