An Investigation to Nonlinear Elastic Behavior of Peri-cardium Using Uniaxial Tensile Test

M Arman, K Narooei
2016 Journal of Stress Analysis   unpublished
In this paper, the nonlinear elastic behavior of pericardium of human, canine, calf and ostrich was studied. For this purpose, the mechanical behavior was investigated from two viewpoints of the Cauchy and Green elastic materials. Firstly, the experimental data were fitted by Cauchy elastic stress equation. The results showed that the response of Cauchy elastic materials was not fitted with the experimental data appropriately. Secondly, the Green elastic materials were studied by assuming
more » ... energy functions for the mechanical response of the samples. For this purpose, the exponential-exponential, power law-power law, and exponential-power law energy functions were investigated by mathematical programming. It was observed that all energy functions were fitted with the experimental data accurately, especially the power law-power law function. Finally, it was observed that the Green elastic materials theory was more appropriate for studying the mechanical behavior of pericardium by comparing the experimental and theoretical results.