Petrology of Intrusive Bodies of Azizabad-Tinamo Area in the South of Songour, Iran

Siavash Gholizadeh, Mohammad-Ali Arian, Mahammad-Reza Jafari, Abdollah Yazdi
2016 Open Journal of Geology  
In terms of structural divisions of the Iran's earth crust, the studied area is considered as a part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan structural zone and Zagros Thrust. In this area, there are two gabbroic-dioritic and syenitic igneous intrusive bodies. The host rocks of these intrusive bodies are upper Cretaceous limestones and formed by contactmetamorphism at the contact zone between hornfels rocks and skarn. Field and geochemical datasets represent that all various rocks within these intrusive bodies
more » ... ave been originated from the same magma. The process of fractional crystallization and probably a small amount of contamination and assimilation has also played a role in the evolution of parent magma. Generally, these magmas are sub-alkaline and lie in themagmatic range of tholeiitic and calc-alkaline series. Samples investigated are metaluminous and peralkaline.
doi:10.4236/ojg.2016.612111 fatcat:gfgpur5y3vcxpdopm63wpb5atq