Comparative analyses of chemical composition of royal jelly and drone brood

R Balkanska, I Karadjova, M Ignatova
2014 Bulgarian Chemical Communications   unpublished
Royal jelly (RJ) is commonly consumed for its nutritional properties and it has been widely used in commercial medical products, health foods and cosmetics in many countries. Because of the high price of this product, sometimes RJ can be adulterated by adding other less expensive products, like drone brood (DB). Proper identification of both important products RJ and DB requires complete analysis and determination of major compounds in order to find precise descriptors for their accurate
more » ... eir accurate characterization. To investigate the effect of adulteration with DB, the chemical composition on mixtures of RJ and DB were analyzed. Seven RJ sample and seven DB samples were analyzed for water content, protein, fructose, glucose, sucrose, total sugars, pH, total acidity and electrical conductivity. In addition, these parameters were applied to mixtures of RJ and DB samples. All samples were collected from the experimental apiaries of Institute of Animal Science (IAS) and stored at-20 o C before analysis.