Study of strange particle production in pp collisions with the ALICE detector

Hélène Ricaud, Alexander Kalweit, Antonin Maire
2010 Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics  
ALICE is well suited for strange particles production studies since it has very good reconstruction capabilities in the low transverse momentum ($p_{t}$) region and it also allows to extend the identification up to quite high $p_{t}$. Charged strange mesons ($\kp$, $\km$,) are reconstructed via energy loss measurements whereas neutral strange mesons ($\ks$) and strange hyperons ($\lam$, $\Xi$, $\Omega$) are identified via vertex reconstruction. All these particles carry important information:
more » ... tant information: first, the measurement of production yields and the particle ratio within the statistical models can help to understand the medium created and secondly the dynamics at intermediate $p_{t}$ investigated via the baryon over meson ratio ($\lam / \ks$) allows a better understanding of the hadronization mechanisms and of the underlying event processes. We present these two aspects of the strange particles analysis in pp collisions using simulated data.
doi:10.1088/0954-3899/37/9/094049 fatcat:7o4qbnlhkvfszbikpmgrfx7g4u