João Paulo de Freitas Araujo, Fernanda Maria Pereira Raupp, José Eugenio Leal, Madiagne Diallo
2017 Pesquisa Operacional  
In this work, the presence of cut nodes in a network is exploited to propose a competitive method for the multi-terminal maximum flow problem. The main idea of the method is based on the relation between cut-trees and cut nodes, which is observed in the context of sensitivity analysis on the variation of edges capacities. Computational experiments were conducted with the proposed algorithm, whose results were compared with the ones of Gusfield, for randomly generated and well-known instances of
more » ... the literature. The numerical results demonstrate the potential of the method for some classes of instances. Moreover, the proposed method was adapted for the single maximum flow problem, but failed to improve existing running times for the very same classes of instances.
doi:10.1590/0101-7438.2017.037.03.0437 fatcat:fk246k5jzzfyvg232ebw4js4lu