Н.В. Павлова, N.V. Pavlova
2019 №2(122) (2019)  
Training of the teacher of higher education institution of an art profile assumes formation, development and education of the personality, representing specially complete structured and operated interaction process training – the student – the educational organization, directed to formation and increase in level of innovative and motivational competence, according to objectively consecutive and high-quality improvement of set of physical and spiritual properties of the personality. The solution
more » ... of tasks is defined by use of system approach in training of specialists of an art profile. Training of specialists of the creative directions of the educational organizations of an art profile is confirmed by recognition by the international community of the Russian school and demand of the Russian experts of an art profile in many countries of the world. The efficiency of training of future teacher of higher education institution of an art profile assumes system approach at the heart of which are provided multifunctionality, gradualness and flexibility. It provides improvement of professional education and allows to create conditions for use of various educational programs taking into account specific features and level of each student who is available before high school preparation. Mastering professional knowledge, skills step by step helps the personality to build independently own model of preparation that provides a wide choice of opportunities for self-checking of the personality over the volume of knowledge and temporary process of their development.
doi:10.25629/hc.2019.05.18 fatcat:yvc24x4r4fgmlf6tjumvr3mtva