Current Issues of Environmental Management in Vietnam : The Case of VEDAN Vietnam(Manufacturing and Environmental Management (II))

Van Hai HOANG, Dang Minh NGUYEN, Phuong Mai NGUYEN, Thi Hong Lien TRAN
2012 Nihon Joho Keiei Gakkaishi  
The theme of environtnental management and sustainable economic development has attracted increasing attention oj'pt{btic otgani7.ations, bttsinesses and citizens in Vietnam. Howeveny the pictetre Qfsustainahle development in I,}etnam is ttnclear }vhen we look into the current situation oj'itlegal ind"strial vvaste emissions b>: manufacturers both inside and otttside qf indLtstt'iat zones. More an.d more entefprises have been deteeted dischailging solids, water and gas waste into surrounding
more » ... into surrounding streams, .fields and the air and among them.joreign conrpanies account.fbr a signijicant share, 71Pte main purpose Qf this paper is to investigate the current issue qf environmental management, speeijicaUy ind"striat waste emission management in V7etnam. 71he case stud.y oj' VEDAiV Vietnam aJso was introduced. Suggestion,fbr improve those currvnt environmental management issttes have been also made.
doi:10.20627/jsim.33.1_199 fatcat:yfixnhtoircztch7h3b3snps44