A component-based visual environment development process

G. Costagliola, R. Francese, M. Risi, G. Scanniello, A. De Lucia
2002 Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Software engineering and knowledge engineering - SEKE '02  
We present the Component-Based Visual Environment Development (CB-VED) process for building visual language environments and introduce the Visual Language Desk (VLDesk) system supporting its implementation. The proposed approach is based on software reuse at different granularity levels and enables incremental development. The VLDesk exploits all the knowledge gained from the development of the Visual Language Compiler-Compiler tool extending its functionalities with many adjunctive features
more » ... unctive features useful in the presented development process. One of the aims of this research consists of the application of software engineering techniques to the incremental development of visual language environments.
doi:10.1145/568813.568818 fatcat:ynkcsqfvsbdildfreklcdc2524