Growth and biological characteristics of pike perch Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Amur River

N. N. Semenchenko, E. V. Ostrovskaya
2020 Izvestiya TINRO  
Linear and weight growth of pike perch in the Amur River estuary is considered using the data on age determined for 197 specimens. The growth is described by von Bertalanffy and Schmalhausen equations. Some biological parameters of pike perch as the maximum size, age of mass maturation, etc. are calculated using the age-differentiated coefficients of natural mortality. The growth and biological parameters of pike perch in the Amur estuary are compared with the same parameters of this species in
more » ... the Amur River at Khabarovsk. Recently 3 ecological forms of pike perch are distinguished in the Amur basin: i) riverine ecotype self-redistributed from Lake Khanka, ii) lacustrine ecotype in the lower Amur River, and iii) highly productive semi-anadromous marime ecotype in the Amur estuary. The 3rd phase of pike perch acclimatization is observed now in the Amur estuary known as the «bloom» phase accompanied with prominent increasing of population abundance and individual growth rate acceleration. Pike perch prey in this area mainly on juveniles of non-anadromous and diadromous fish, or on pond smelt Hypomesus olidus during their concentration in the estuary in winter.
doi:10.26428/1606-9919-2020-200-571-585 fatcat:rfm53iackjgzjlq4mbzwgcsetm