Late replication studies and esterase D levels in a case of unbalanced X;autosome translocation, 46,X,t(X;13)(q27;q12)

D R Romain, L M Columbano-Green, R G Parfitt, R H Smythe, N G MacKenzie, C J Chapman
1988 Journal of Medical Genetics  
The proband is a three year old Maori girl born to a 17 year old mother and a 20 year old father. Pregnancy was uneventful with forceps delivery at term. Birth weight was 3340 g. No external abnormality was observed other than one extra digit on each foot which was ligated before discharge. At the age of three years her height is 98-0 cm and weight 16 kg. She has been assessed as mildly mentally re-
doi:10.1136/jmg.25.10.716 fatcat:aviru5pht5cy5g5wpjrte7mdye