'Laat ons niet los!' Het Nederlands-Indonesische Interinsulaire Scheepvaartproject (1968-1974)

Bartel Stompedissel
2004 Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis  
'Do not let us go!' The Dutch-Indonesian Interisland Shipping Project (1968) (1969) (1970)(1971)(1972)(1973)(1974) Development aid seems to be characterised by unclear results and limited successes. In search of empirical starting points for an explanation of the inscrutable complexities surrounding this issue, and of the development cooperation between the Netherlands and Indonesia in particular, this article zooms in on a specific development project. The case study of the Dutch-Indonesian
more » ... Dutch-Indonesian Interisland Shipping Project demonstrates the efforts of a group of Dutch experts to improve the interisland shipping network and the level of success. It will show that the project was in many ways frustrated by external factors that prevented the experts from accomplishing their goal.
doi:10.18352/tseg.827 fatcat:cjl3sfk4gjcmbmpz5qwjrvl6i4