Cyber threats and global business environment
Kibernetinės grėsmės ir globali verslo aplinka

Taras Tsymbrivskyy
2017 Law Review  
18 developments in the field of digital environment substantially leave behind the existing legal regulations. Cyber threats are addressed in terms of cyber security measures undertaken on universal (UN), regional (EU, NATO) and national level. Bolstering cyber security should include artificial intelligence technologies. Deficiency of one fits all approach towards enhancing cyber security requires seeking for the alternatives. Employment of an artificial intelligence within the cyber domain is
more » ... worth considering among many options. Obvious advantages of artificial intelligence systems are usually followed by a number of risks. Undisputed benefits provided by the utilization of artificial intelligence in the field of cyber security should be assessed though the risks. The latter predominantly relates to the caveat against artificial intelligence transforming into a weapon possessing supernatural features. Promising future of artificial intelligence (managing complex systems combined with multitasking; likewise its opposite application with the aim of compromising other states), however not yet discovered to the full extent, is hard to resist. Hence, paving way for a future arms race between states. Key developments in the area of cyber security will be apparently influenced by the proliferation and subsequent sophistication of artificial intelligence systems. Conclusions outline key findings of the research. Capacities of cyber threats have not been exhaustively disclosed by the adversaries and hence such an obscurity is even more dangerous than ever.
doi:10.7220/2029-4239.16.2 fatcat:avkz6gz4g5au5i7orcovqka344