Prosodic processing at the sentence level in infants

Ann Pannekamp, Christiane Weber, Angela D. Friederici
2006 NeuroReport  
We investigate whether 8 -month-old infants can detect prosodic cues relevant in sentence structuring. We recorded event-related potentials to examine online responses to the processing of prosodic boundaries. Prior studies in adults have validated the closure positive shift as re£ecting prosodic boundary perception during speech processing. The current study shows that in the event-related potentials of 8 -month-olds, a closure positive shift is elicited in relation to the prosodic boundaries
more » ... n speech, suggesting that these infants are able to structure speech input into prosodic units on a neurophysiological basis similar to that seen in adults. A delay in latency of the infant closure positive shift, however, suggests that children's exploitation of prosodic boundaries for the segmentation of the speech stream is still developing. NeuroReport 17:675^678
doi:10.1097/00001756-200604240-00024 pmid:16603934 fatcat:xnlgi2fr35gm3ohqp2mdcnnqnm