The Treatment of Uterine Myoma

L. Tait
1890 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Nov. 15, 1890.] THB BRITISR MEDICAL JOURNAL. 1149 THE TREATMENT OF UrERINE MYOMA. Smn,-On the points raised by Mr. Skene Keith, I am particularly desirous, first, of saying that the appearance of four cases in two separate lists does not in the least degree involve that they were intended to count twice over. They have not been counted twice over, and have not been made to do duty for eight cases or eight recoveries. In leavring out of count all the cases of the particular operation in
more » ... eration in question, which occurred before 1880, I did so for a particular reason, which is given at length in my book. It is briefly that I was dealing with the mortality of the operation and not with that of the early and inexperienced operator. The discovery of the omission of two cases from my Cardiff paper, and their appearance in my second list, is due to the fact that they were cases of the kind fully discussed-that is, where it was difficult to decide whether we were removing cystic ovaries from a myomatous uterus, and, therefore, performing what is generally called ovariotomy; or removing the uterine appendages for the treatment of uterine myoma. There must always be such cases occurring, and there can be no hard-and-fast line drawn in such divisions. In both these cases, after much more mature experience extending over eight years, I decided to remove them from the list of ovariotomies and place them where they were more properly situated-among the removals of uterine appendages for myoma. Of course, such transferences are no longer likely,
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.1559.1149 fatcat:doqmpqvitjbcdmwerozy7ggxfm