The Establishment, Functioning and Reformation of the State Council of the People's Republic of China
Становление, функционирование и реформирование Государственного совета Китайской Народной Республики

Petr N. Kobets, Chief Research Scientist of the National Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (NRI of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia), LL.D., Professor
One of the primary roles in China's public administration system is assigned to the state Council of the country. Currently, many researchers have an increased interest in this state body, which performs the functions of the country's government and is the highest Executive authority. In this regard, the author set a task to study the features of the formation, functioning and reform of this public authority, which performs the function of the country's government. As a result of the research,
more » ... he author notes that the formation of the Chinese State Council has a long way to go, from the creation of rural administrations in the 1930s, to the formation of the Central people's government in the 1950s and its regular reform until now. And if in the early period of the people's Republic of China, the country's Communist party together with the government were a single entity, then in the late 1970s, their functions were gradually distributed, and the government smoothly moved to independent day-to-day management of the state. Therefore, today the Communist party makes strategic decisions that determine the state's policy, and government structures implement this policy, focusing on solving economic problems, leaving the issues of ideology, personnel and security to the Communist party. Special attention was paid to the modern features of the reform of the State Council, which is taking place within the framework of structural transformations carried out in the form of in-depth reforms of public administration institutions initiated in 2017 by the XIX Congress of the Chinese Communist party.
doi:10.18572/1813-1247-2021-2-56-60 fatcat:fpb6k5skxfbkrfqb2hk2pirw7i