Energy and Exergy Analysis of Coupled Cycles Utilizing New Generation Gas Turbines [post]

Chang Cho
2020 unpublished
The potential execution of optimized gas-steam combined cycles built around the latest generation gas turbine motors is analyzed, by implies of energy/exergy equalizations. The options here considered are the warm gas turbine and the H-series with closed-loop steam edge cooling.Recreations of execution were run employing a well-tested Modular Code created at the Office of Vitality Designing of Florence and subsequently improved to incorporate the calculation of exergy pulverization of all sorts
more » ... (warm transfer, friction, blending, and chemical irreversibilities). The edge cooling process is analyzed in detail because it is recognized to be of capital significance for execution optimization. The distributions of the relative exergy devastation for the two solutions both competent of achieving energy/exergy efficiencies within the extend of 60 percent are compared and the potential for advancement is examined<br>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.12894191 fatcat:pznb77wpdzdajahhe64eou6alu