Parametric Adaptive Radar Detector with Enhanced Mismatched Signals Rejection Capabilities

Chengpeng Hao, Bin Liu, Shefeng Yan, Long Cai
2010 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
We consider the problem of adaptive signal detection in the presence of Gaussian noise with unknown covariance matrix. We propose a parametric radar detector by introducing a design parameter to trade off the target sensitivity with sidelobes energy rejection. The resulting detector merges the statistics of Kelly's GLRT and of the Rao test and so covers Kelly's GLRT and the Rao test as special cases. Both invariance properties and constant false alarm rate (CFAR) behavior for this detector are
more » ... tudied. At the analysis stage, the performance of the new receiver is assessed and compared with several traditional adaptive detectors. The results highlight better rejection capabilities of this proposed detector for mismatched signals. Further, we develop two two-stage detectors, one of which consists of an adaptive matched filter (AMF) followed by the aforementioned detector, and the other is obtained by cascading a GLRT-based Subspace Detector (SD) and the proposed adaptive detector. We show that the former two-stage detector outperforms traditional two-stage detectors in terms of selectivity, and the latter yields more robustness.
doi:10.1155/2010/375136 fatcat:re64rxxjz5fhxlu6ib56dsattm