X-ray imaging with amorphous silicon active matrix flat-panel imagers (AMFPIs)

Youcef El-Mohri, Larry E. Antonuk, Kyung-Wook Jee, Manat Maolinbay, Xiujiang Rong, Jeffrey H. Siewerdsen, Manav Verma, Qihua Zhao
Recent advances in thin-film electronics technology have opened the way for the use of flat-panel imagers in a number of medical imaging applications. These novel imagers offer real time digital readout capabilities (-30 frames per second), radiation hardness (>106 cGy), large area (30 x 40 cm 2) and compactness (-i cm). Such qualities make them strong candidates for the replacement of conventional x-ray imaging technologies such as film-screen and image intensifier systems. In this report,
more » ... In this report, qualities and potential of amorphous silicon based active matrix fiat-panel imagers are outlined for various applications such as radiation therapy, radiography, fluoroscopy and mammography.
doi:10.1063/1.54575 fatcat:jl4fans2dvanjhzqiocl2kx5tu