Discovery of Human Remains. Obliteration of Traces of Interment

T. McKenny Hughes
1912 Geological Magazine  
Correspondence-Professor T. McKenny Hughes. 187 have yet proved a Neozoic cover so thick as to preclude the possibility of successfully working any coal which may he found beneath it. It is argued that the time has now come for the organization of a systematic survey of this area by means of a considered series of borings so planned as to investigate the structure of the concealed Palaeozoic floor, to ascertain the thickness of cover, to locate any coalbasins which may form part of the floor,
more » ... art of the floor, and to elucidate their exact tectonic conditions in order to determine their suitability for profitable working. It is admitted that such an exploration would involve many practical difficulties and would introduce a new practice into British institutions, but it is pointed out that similar methods have been employed in foreign countries and even in British Colonies. It is urged that the close dependence of the future of the nation on its coal-supplies justifies a new departure, and that it would be a wise act of statecraft to take deliberate measures to devise a comprehensive and well-considered scheme of exploration, the results of which might be at hand for application before the growing scarcity of coal shall have begun to produce its inevitable economic consequences upon the manufactures and upon the very conditions of existence in this country.
doi:10.1017/s0016756800114268 fatcat:ksa6dhqfwbgopoakiqmdb5eebm