Comparing Sets of Semantic Relations in Ontologies [chapter]

Eduard Hovy
2002 The Semantics of Relationships  
A set of semantic relations is created every time a domain modeler wants to solve some complex problem computationally. These relations are usually organized into ontologies. But there is little standardization of ontologies today, and almost no discussion on ways of comparing relations, of determining a general approach to creating relations, or of modeling in general. This chapter outlines an approach to establishing a general methodology for comparing and justifying sets of relations (and
more » ... ologies in general). I t first provides several dozen characteristics of ontologies, organized into three taxonomies of increasingly detailed features, by which many essential characteristics of ontologies can be described. These features enable one to compare ontologies at a general level, without studying every concept they contain. But sometimes it is necessary to make detailed comparisons of content. The paper then illustrates one method for determining salient points for comparison, using algorithms that semi-automatically identify similarities and differences between ontologies.
doi:10.1007/978-94-017-0073-3_6 fatcat:ji2p5sxsfjadjjehl2h7jlqdo4