Hotel Customized Product Design and Implementation Based on Intelligent Hardware Devices

Liu Na, Wang Xueyuan, Gao Zhuo
2017 International Journal of Smart Home  
The vigorous development of intelligent hardware technology and the increase of customer's personalized demand will cause that hotel not only meets basic demand of customer's accommodation and food, but also provides customer with healthy, cheerful and novel hotel experience. The hotel customized product based on intelligent hardware technology which can provide customers with comprehensive experience of health and recreation turns to be the most importance choice for hotel. The purpose of this
more » ... study is to design the four types customized products, including dotted, chain, modular and full customized products in the services of housekeeping, food and beverage and recreation according to customer demands, and then the implementation tactics from the point of technology and management are brought forward. recognition payment system and the service robot will make the hotel full of charm of science and technology [18] . The intelligent hardware devices not only change the lifestyles and consumption idea of customer, but also have an big effect on the product design and business mode of the hospitality industry. According to the European commission's investigation, the market value of service robots will reach 100 billion Euros in 2020. In consequence, the hotel which applies the intelligent hardware devices based on the artificial intelligence, virtual reality and wearable technology to services of housekeeping, food and beverage and recreation is especially important. This paper describes the application of intelligent hardware devices in the services of housekeeping, food and beverage and recreation, and designs the dotted, chain, modular and fully customized product according to customer demands and interests. Moreover we make a deep analysis of the implementation strategy from the point of technology and management. coaching course. The intelligent robot will monitor the customer's exercise situation in real-time, when the customer reached unsustainable gravity, the intelligent robot will automatically reduce the suffering force of training to provide secure and comfortable fitness experience for the customer. In short, the intelligent hardware devices are developing towards the trend of more human, high efficiency and operational convenience, the form of dynamic engine evolves from traditional motor driven to new flexible materials, and gradually become a part of the human body extension.
doi:10.14257/ijsh.2017.11.1.01 fatcat:7atcoustbzf55kenvhi4f4neki