Molecular evolution of NASP and conserved histone H3/H4 transport pathway

Syed Nabeel-Shah, Kanwal Ashraf, Ronald E Pearlman, Jeffrey Fillingham
2014 BMC Evolutionary Biology  
NASP is an essential protein in mammals that functions in histone transport pathways and maintenance of a soluble reservoir of histones H3/H4. NASP has been studied exclusively in Opisthokonta lineages where some functional diversity has been reported. In humans, growing evidence implicates NASP miss-regulation in the development of a variety of cancers. Although a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis is lacking, NASP-family proteins that possess four TPR motifs are thought to be widely distributed across eukaryotes.
doi:10.1186/1471-2148-14-139 pmid:24951090 pmcid:PMC4082323 fatcat:hsug562d6vdrdgiuxil4reues4