Derivation and Solution of a New Three-Dimensional Heat Conduction Model

Yuanjuan Yang
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control (MEICI 2016)   unpublished
This paper proposes a new three-dimensional heat conduction model, which is based on the basic method for solving the one-dimensional heat conduction equation and the finite volume method to solve two-dimensional heat conduction equation, integrating the basic fact of three-dimensional heat conduction. Also, we presented the solving method of the new modle. The feasibility of this method is proved by the method of graphic display, which is based on the PDE toolbox in MATLAB.
doi:10.2991/meici-16.2016.182 fatcat:e5jvaqtzwfhcxbozaqe5bcodra