A Motion Correction Strategy for Multi-Contrast based 3D parametric imaging: Application to Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT) [article]

Lucas Soustelle, Julien Lamy, Arnaud Le Troter, Andreea Hertanu, Maxime Guye, Jean-Philippe Ranjeva, Gopal Varma, David C. Alsop, Jean Pelletier, Olivier Girard, Guillaume Duhamel
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Purpose To propose an efficient retrospective image-based method for motion correction of multi-contrast acquisitions with a low number of available images (MC-MoCo) and evaluate its use in 3D inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT) experiments in the human brain. Methods A framework for motion correction, including image pre-processing enhancement and rigid registration to an iteratively improved target image, was developed. The proposed method was compared to Motion Correction with
more » ... Linear Image Registration Tool (MCFLIRT) function in FSL over 13 subjects. Native (pre-correction) and residual (post-correction) motions were evaluated by means of markers positioned at well-defined anatomical regions over each image. Results Both motion correction strategies significantly reduced inter-image misalignment, and the MC-MoCo method yielded significantly better results than MCFLIRT. Conclusion MC-MoCo is a high-performance method for motion correction of multi-contrast volumes as in 3D ihMT imaging.
doi:10.1101/2020.09.11.292649 fatcat:shooargvv5acfiuqn3csa4nhby