Self-compassion in Nursing Practice

Hanim Saleh, Manal Ahmed, Mervat Eldahshan
2022 Menoufia Nursing Journal  
Self-compassion emphasize that all people are important and commendable paying little respect to their physical abilities or accomplishment. Self-compassion among the nurses is necessary because they have to pay more attention to the patients for better recovery. The study emphasizes that nurses should become broad minded and motivated, feel soft for others, developing an understanding, adopt the attitude to over-look the bad experiences to provide the compassionate care to the patients.
more » ... : The present study was conducted for the purpose of clarifying and defining the concept of self-compassion, its components, models, benefits, impact on organization and how to enhance it. Method: In this study, the steps of concept analysis were as follows: Select a concept, determine the aims of the concept analysis, identify various definitions of the concept, determine the concept of self-compassion and identify methods for enhancing selfcompassion among nurses. All studies between the years 2015 and 2022 were reviewed for the purposes of this concept analysis, PubMed, Google search engines, Ovid, and ProQuest, were scanned and searched using the keywords. Conclusion: There is a nascent literature that examines the potential ability of various interventions to raise self-compassion or its components, including mindfulness. More research is needed to develop the construct validity of self-compassion, its component elements and how self-compassion and its various aspects can be fostered and cultivated. It is also important that future research explore ways to measure self-compassion other than self-report and to investigate the mechanisms of change in interventions designed to raise selfcompassion.
doi:10.21608/menj.2022.223842 fatcat:bct66rg6y5b57cifn3iz72qn7y