Study of Self-Compacting Concrete for Economical Construction

Parth Chandresha, Sandip Chandresha
In India, infrastructure is given prior importance and it has been vision to make India fully developed up till 2020.But still at present the average compressive strength of concrete is in range 20.0–30.0 N/mm2. Thus, it is challenging to produce high strength concrete and the one of the major reason for this is presence of air voids. At present to reduce these voids many compacting machines like vibrators are used in filed. But, this leads to high noise pollution and irritation the person
more » ... ng on site. Thus, to eliminate this problem related to compaction, strength and noise, A new concrete called Self-Compacting Concrete [SCC] is used. It reduces the voids as it flows under its own weight. The strength and durability of SCC is much higher compared to conventional concrete. It also helps in achieving high quality of surface finishes and becomes sustainable as it saves the energy. The limitation with such concrete is that cement content is high and results in increase of cost. So, our research aims to produce a self-compacting concrete and compare conventional concrete and self-compacting concrete for economical.
doi:10.29007/1w2n fatcat:zt4vzvux7fdvvnx3bot5ga4xvq