In vitro release of ketoprofen suppositories using the USP basket and the flow-through cell dissolution methods

José Raúl Medina, Adrián Roberto Padilla, Marcela Hurtado, Alma Rosa Cortés, Adriana Miriam Domínguez-Ramírez
2014 Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
In order to study the release characteristics of ketoprofen suppositories under the hydrodynamic environment generated by USP Apparatus 1 and 4, the dissolution profiles of the Mexican reference product (100 mg) were determined. Phosphate buffer pH 8 and 1% sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) aqueous solutions were proved as dissolution mediums. Baskets were rotated at 100 rpm with USP Apparatus 1 and different flow rates from 16-32 mL/min with USP Apparatus 4 were used. Drug samples were taken and
more » ... tified during 60 min by UV analysis at 260 nm. Mean dissolution time (MDT) and dissolution efficiency (DE) were calculated by model-independent methods. Data were also fitted to several kinetic models. Poor dissolution was found in both dissolution mediums when USP basket method was used (< 10% dissolved) while better results were obtained with USP Apparatus 4 when 1% SLS at 24 mL/min was used (43.6% dissolved, MDT of 25.5 min and DE of 25.0%). Kinetics showed a great variability when the USP Apparatus 1 was used, and Gompertz fitted well for data of 1% SLS at 24 mL/min (R(2)(adjusted) > 0.99). The results suggest the need to establish an adequate dissolution method to evaluate the release kinetics of ketoprofen from suppositories.
pmid:24811800 fatcat:ul36xqgovfar3pa4myov7ybfne