Symmetric- Based Steganography Technique Using Spiral-Searching Method for HSV Color Images

Raheem Abdul Sahib Ogla
2019 Baghdad Science Journal  
Steganography is defined as hiding confidential information in some other chosen media without leaving any clear evidence of changing the media's features. Most traditional hiding methods hide the message directly in the covered media like (text, image, audio, and video). Some hiding techniques leave a negative effect on the cover image, so sometimes the change in the carrier medium can be detected by human and machine. The purpose of suggesting hiding information is to make this change
more » ... able. The current research focuses on using complex method to prevent the detection of hiding information by human and machine based on spiral search method, the Structural Similarity Index Metrics measures are used to get the accuracy and quality of the retrieved image and to improve its perceived quality. The values of information measures are calculated through practical experiments of (perceptibility, robustness, capacity) by using interpolation technique and structural similarity measures. Experimental results show that the use of these measures (PSNR, MSE, and SSIM) has improved the image quality by 87% and has produced values of PSNR (38-41 dB), MSE = 0.6537 and SSIM= 0.8255. The results also demonstrate a remarkable progress in the field of hiding information and the increasing difficulty of detecting it by humans and machines.
doi:10.21123/bsj.2019.16.4.0948 fatcat:mu5vemrwkzdzvjbcxqlabtgboy