School Suspensions: Are They Helping Children?

Judith P. Ruchkin
1979 Educational Researcher  
The photographs in this book are for illustrative purposes only. They are meant to imply no direct relationship between any particular child and the text. Cover The drawing on the CQver waS done by seven-yearold Thea Richardson, who lives in Boston. suspension, expulsion, voluntary withdrawal, blocking, barring, temporary dismissal or a cooling-off period. We found that most of these disciplinary exclusions were discretionary acts, hidden from public view, with few procedures in their routine
more » ... e to ensure fairness, to gather all the facts. to review the decision. or to help identify or remediate the behavior precipitating the exclusion. We also found that many suspensions were unnecessary, made no educational sense and disserved the interests of the children involved. In many cases, short-term disciplinary exclusions added up to a significant loss of schooling and caused youngsters to drop out of school permanently. Since the issuance of our report. we have received numerous inquiries and complaints from parents whose children have been suspended or expelled and from groups who are concerned with school discipline policies and practices in their communities. We have also
doi:10.2307/1175473 fatcat:gu6dxtqyuzdx3izov25cwdghga