The Teleparallel Equivalent of General Relativity and the Gravitational Centre of Mass

José Maluf
2016 Universe  
We present a brief review of the teleparallel equivalent of general relativity and analyse the expression for the centre of mass density of the gravitational field. This expression has not been sufficiently discussed in the literature. One motivation for the present analysis is the investigation of the localization of dark energy in the three-dimensional space, induced by a cosmological constant in a simple Schwarzschild-de Sitter space-time. We also investigate the gravitational centre of mass
more » ... density in a particular model of dark matter, in the space-time of a point massive particle and in an arbitrary space-time with axial symmetry. The results are plausible, and lead to the notion of gravitational centre of mass (COM) distribution function.
doi:10.3390/universe2030019 fatcat:fyieplwvbvc3nppa5g5isyoaum