Maryland Gazette August 1771 Vol. 27

(:Unkn) Unknown
M E, April ». it given out, that the Court of Lifbon hath difcovered, that one of the Officer* of the Nunciature held an illicit Correfpondence with the Portuguefe Jefuits, tranfported into Italy, and having caufed the Offender to be arrefted, the faid Court is refolved to fend «. him hither to be pnniflied. '., ,. "juril 17. They write from Constantinople, J" newfo .om.n F^eet i, not yet failed the n V,n!lleiT and that the Pacha, who hath accepted | D"r and of it did fo only on Condition
more » ... l not I1" CTinJ Manner dependent on the Divan. A .. ", UVumb7r of <3r«ek, have entered on Board the Gir " ,.f, r?,n SaX -n, which is ttill lying « ff Paros. , he Lady i '»"> <**•*.««l:!-.?"< J^"w'lrt '«<' 1!' ..,., ..... (irii.d away by the Rapidity of the late Torrents at FLCUKCE, JJay j. We are informed from Scarlin, * fm. tl Town in the Pri ci.iality of Piombi o, tlut on the loth of laft Mon h a Powder Magazine wis blown up there i by winch unhappy Accident many Houfet were t hi own down, and a great Number of Psople weie buried under the Ruins. MAMMLLEJ, Mnj j. Letters from Tunis import, (bit the Rege.icy hath laid an Embargo on all t'.e fore gn Viffelt ia us Ports. KATISION, Maj 16. The Elector of Bavaria going > f-w Days ago to Nymbhenbouig, wai alarmed at f eing hit Coach fui rounded by a Multitude of People, ho ciied out, " That they did not want to hurt bit Perfon, but demanded the in.mediate Difmiflion of fuurof hit principal MiniHers of State," whom they Btroed, and to whom they attributed their prefent ftirting Condition, and indeed all iheir Diltreffes. The Body Guards' refufed to obey the Order they received to difperle the Populace \ fo that there *as no other Way to appcafe them, than the Eleflor't pro-miQr.g that their Grievances mould he redrelT-d. Since thai Day, the Garrifon ot Munich, aad the Elector's Guard, have been trebled. L O N D O N. toy 17. Sxtraa if a Litter frtm Sttttt^m, Joint April 16. " On Tuelday fo'nnight a Courier arrived here from ' "---"--' «?!.». nfward. with feveral homeward bound Veffds from Rio Janeiro to Europe. A noble Earl, who is faid to have loft above 30,0001. at Hazard within thefe Two Years, is grown tired of that fedentary Amufemcnt, and ha* been prevailed on by the black-legged Gentry to viGt the Tennis-Court, in order to complete his Ruin ; where he is become a conftant Attendant, and his within thefe few Days loft upwards of 50001. A debauched young Spendthrift, who has ruined hit Finances by every Species of faihionaMe Extravagance, was lately married to a young Lady of veiy confiderable Fortune (who, in all Probability, he will foon make a Beggar of too) with no other Ceremony of Court (hip, or Prelude to (heir Marriage, than feeher once at an AITembly, and laying to her, you have me, Madam } You are a good fine have you, by G-d, if you will." To which immediately corfented, and they weie mar ..,. ...v Week following. Such are the Coxcombs and the Women of the prrftnt Age I Extr*a tf a Lttttr frtm Parii, Joint Maj »o. The DiltracHons of this Country daily incieafes The Princet of the Bload, and the Parliament of France, aie united in one firm Body to oppofe the -' -L -"••--' Spain, a>a , Tyranny of the Court; and the King of Spai Prince of the Houfe of Bourbon, it ftrongly Attached to them, and determined to fuppoit them againlt the Court of Vtrf..illes, wh.fe politicks he detrfts, and whofe Plan hr .Sh-us, for re-eltaMiftung the Jefu. sin France. The /., ^ «» of the Princes of thei Blood it, the Renitutu.n to all .he Parliaments of their origina! Conftitutional Privileges , their of Dehafr. of an..u ling and reRifteiing of P tary Edias, and the DimiilTion for ever, fn m tj bervice of France, the following ReRime..^ of Mercenaries, the ttrongeft Suppwt ..f-Tyranny in Fra,ue, and al this Crifis the only Foundation f-r abfolute Government j GeWnr, Royal Lorra.nj Drag***' i"'
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