The 13th International Podocyte Conference

Silke R. Brix, Durga A.K. Kanigicherla, Dean Wallace, Tejas Desai, Rachel Lennon
2022 Glomerular Diseases  
Tweeting about the meeting continued late into November 2021 prior to handover of the account to the organisers of the 14 th International Podocyte Conference in Philadelphia, USA in 2023. The most popular and widely re-tweeted content was the excellent pictographic artistic summaries of the speakers and key presentation points by post-doctoral researcher and science illustrator, Alex Cagan. These detailed and concise summaries were universally praised for their scientific content and artistic
more » ... lair. Parallel to the scientific submissions, attendees and their contacts were encouraged to submit their 'PodoArt', unique artistic works involving podocyte biology, submitted by researchers and the public. These were available as an online art-show with prizes for winners and runners up. As F2F meetings re-emerge, hybrid meeting content will continue to provide for those not able to attend in person. In the long term, hybrid models will likely remain a significant component for many events as we learn and benefit from innovations being developed during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The 13 th International Podocyte Conference -Manchester and Onlinewas a successful meeting, bridging not only basic and translational science but the traditional format of conference with the new virtual way of presentation and networking. The podocyte community adapted rapidly to this novel meeting format and as such reflected the adaptive and versatile nature of the glomerular podocyte.
doi:10.1159/000525410 doaj:e9679bf2babd49ef96532d7420cbcd97 fatcat:yltzcfedyvf3tgj4dghkeomvdq