The Mechanism of Lubrication-I. [Abstract.]

1922 Journal of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry  
LTHOUGH a large number of investigators have published data bearing on the subject of lubrication, the A wide variations in their operating conditions have thus far prevented any satisfactory correlation of their results, or the establishment of definite conclusions as to the effect of such important factors as the smoothness and clearance of the bearing, the "oiliness" of the lubricant, etc. The basic difficulty lies in the fact that f, the coefficient of friction, is, in the case of a journal
more » ... bearing, some unknown function of at least nine variables-z, n, p , c, d , I , S, M, and 0, where z = Viscosity of the lubricant at the operatifig temperature. n = Revolutions per minute. p = Pressure on bearing.
doi:10.1021/ie50152a004 fatcat:j45vl74yjbat3avjqzd7qmpowe