Potential Prediction gf nurr Formation in Drilling Based on Acoustic Emission A method for predicting bum formation in drilling

Z Katz, N Lukoto
using an acoustic emission (AE) based technique is proposed and tested. The model development is based on drilling with and without buns using standard twist drills. The objective of the work is to enable on-line prediction of burr formation and appearance. Tests were performed in aluminium and steel. Data obtained was analysed and compared. The experimental setup is desribed and the analysis of AE signals fs explained, formulated and applied. From the analytical model, the effects of drilling
more » ... ffects of drilling conditions such as feed, work piece material and drill diameter were studied. This resulted in the es-tqblishment of empirical type AE equations which incorporate drilling parameters. The ability of buru prediction can be used to control drilling parameters on-line, according to AE values.