Optimal Allocation of multiple Distribution Generations in Radial distribution systems using Different Optimization Techniques

2018 ERJ. Engineering Research Journal  
This paper presents, Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO), Flower Pollination algorithm (FPA), Whale Optimization Algorithm (WOA), Satin Bowerbird Algorithm (SBO) and Moth Swarm Optimization(MSA) for determining the optimal location and sizing of DGs to minimize power losses in radial distribution networks(RDN) and improve the voltage profile. DGs operating at different power factors are considered that is (unity and optimal). The maintenance, operation and investment costs are formulated to form the total
more » ... d to form the total costs of DGs and also all the profits that DG Owner"s (DGOs) are considered at the same time. The proposed methods are implemented on IEEE 33, 69 and 119-bus test systems and the obtained results of the proposed methods are compared with other popular methods available in the literature for validation purpose. ‫ال‬ ‫ملخص‬ : ‫نأليثهياخ.‬ ‫يختهفح‬ ‫تقُياخ‬ ‫تاستخذاو‬ ‫قطزيح‬ ‫انُصف‬ ‫انتىسيع‬ ‫َظى‬ ‫في‬ ‫انًىسعح‬ ‫نهًىنذاخ‬ ‫األيثم‬ ‫انًىقع‬ ‫تحذيذ‬ ‫دراسح‬ ‫انثحث‬ ‫هذا‬ ‫يقذو‬ ‫انًُم‬ ‫يثم‬ ‫يتعذدج‬ ‫خىارسيياخ‬ ‫استخذاو‬ ‫تى‬ ‫وقذ‬ ‫األيثم‬ ‫انحىخ‬ ‫خىارسييح‬ ‫انتهقيح،‬ ‫سهزج‬ ‫خىارسييح‬ ‫انًحسٍ،‬ ‫األسذ‬ ‫وخى‬ ‫اناليعح،‬ ‫انطيىر‬ ‫خىارسييح‬ ، ‫انًىسعح‬ ‫انًىنذاخ‬ ‫نتزكية‬ ‫األيثم‬ ‫انًكاٌ‬ ‫نتحذيذ‬ ‫انههة‬ ‫سزب‬ ‫عثح‬ ‫ارسييح‬ ‫يختهف‬ ‫تىسيع‬ ‫أَظًح‬ ‫عهى‬ ‫انًختهفح‬ ‫انًذكىرج‬ ‫انتحسيٍ‬ ‫خىارسيياخ‬ ‫تطثيق‬ ‫تى‬ ‫وقذ‬ ‫قطزيح.‬ ‫انُصف‬ ‫انتىسيع‬ ‫َظى‬ ‫في‬ ‫أيثم‬ ‫قذرج‬ ‫سزياٌ‬ ‫عهى‬ ‫نهحصىل‬ ‫تى‬ ‫انتي‬ ‫انُتائج‬ ‫يقارَح‬ ‫تى‬ ‫وقذ‬ ‫ح.‬ ‫انتحسي‬ ‫خىارسيياخ‬ ‫يٍ‬ ‫عهيها‬ ‫انحصىل‬ ‫انًختهفح.‬ ٍ
doi:10.21608/erjm.2018.66299 fatcat:pb6opsj7efdctdbhjoyc6kv5i4