Topology Design Optimization using Projection Method
프로젝션 기법을 활용한 위상 최적설계

Seung-Hyun Ha
2016 Journal of the Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea  
In this paper, a projection method is introduced which is used in topology design optimization. In the projection method, each active design variable is projected onto the design domain depending on the shape and size of the projection functions, and the finite element under this projection receives a solid material. Furthermore, the size of the projection function defines the minimum length scale of the structural members. Therefore, a designer can easily apply design constraints without
more » ... cated post-processing procedure. In addition, the projection method can be combined with the homogenization theory, and applied to material design problem for composite materials. Topology design optimization for the unit-cell of the periodic structures can maximize the effective material properties, which yields the optimal material distribution with maximum bulk or shear moduli under a given volume fraction.
doi:10.7734/coseik.2016.29.4.293 fatcat:eni52cmmczejzhe7jlrwn2omdu