Excessive self-confidence: The initiator of the irrational in behavioral finance
Preterano samopouzdanje - pokretač iracionalnog u bihevioralnim finansijama

Aleksandar Dogandžić, Nebojša Stošić, Sonja Dogandžić
2020 Ekonomski pogledi  
The classical theory of financial markets is based on the decision-making process based on hypotheses about "market efficiency", which implies rational decisionmaking that always brings the expected results that can be predicted and calculated. However, practice shows that there are situations of irrational decision-making in the markets, the results of which are far from predictable and expected. We need to study these situations through Behavioral Finance, which allows us to monitor the
more » ... o monitor the results of irrational decision-making behavior, which we call anomalies. Most irrational decisions are based on excessive self-confidence, so it is the subject of necessary continuous research in order to clarify this segment of irrational behavior in the behavior of actors in the financial market and thus use it to achieve optimal effects.
doi:10.5937/ekopog2002097d fatcat:n3a3lymf5jampdqdwe2uwuzwb4