Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of Kāsīsa Bhasma

Ramakant Vyas, Pankaj Sharma, P Suresh, Ramakant Vyas
Rasashastra, deals with the preparation of drugs from metals, minerals, poisonous herbal drugs and animal products. These are rarely administered in their crude form and are often combined with a number of substances through various pharmaceutical processes, which transform these to a convenient dosage form that can be administered and which is assailable to human body. Quality of a drug depends upon its formulation, processing, and applications. It is essential to fix some standards for
more » ... tandards for manufacture of drugs so that the genuineness of the drug is not compromised. This study is conducted with an objective to characterize the Kāsīsa bhasma preparations. In present study Śodhana and Mārana of Kāsīsa has been done with analytical study. In preparation of Kāsīsa bhasma 6 putas were required with Bhāvana of Nimbu Swarasa.