Relative diversity and threats to commercially important fishes of the Ravi, Pakistan

Ali Hussain, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Altaf, Waseem Khan, Muhammad Akmal, & Javed, Iqbal Qazi
2015 BIOLOGIA   unpublished
This study was conducted for consecutive three years (2011−2013) to assess the relative diversity of commercially important fish fauna of the Ravi. The fishes were sampled from six sites of anthropogenically affected segment of the Ravi flowing along the Jhok Reserve Forest. The diversity, evenness and richness of twenty-two native and exotic fish species belonging to nine families were calculated. Statistical analysis revealed that diversity indices were decreased gradually. In addition,
more » ... ed populations of Xenentodon cancila, Channa marulia, Macrognathus pancalus and Bagarius bagarius were observed among the rich populations of Mystus cavasius, Channa punctata, Oreochromis aureus, Labeo rohita, Gibelion catla and Wallago attu. The study necessitates the implication of proper conservatory measures and therefore, suggests future studies on pollution impacts and breeding biology of the said stressed fish species of the Ravi.