Comparison of GPM IMERG and TRMM 3B43 Products over Cyprus

Adrianos Retalis, Dimitris Katsanos, Filippos Tymvios, Silas Michaelides
2020 Remote Sensing  
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) high-resolution product and Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) 3B43 product are validated against rain gauges over the island of Cyprus for the period from April 2014 to June 2018. The comparison performed is twofold: firstly, the Satellite Precipitation (SP) estimates are compared with the gauge stations' records on a monthly basis and, secondly, on an annual basis. The validation is based on
more » ... ation is based on ground data from a dense and well-maintained network of rain gauges, available in high temporal (hourly) resolution. The results show high correlation coefficient values, on average reaching 0.92 and 0.91 for monthly 3B43 and IMERG estimates, respectively, although both IMERG and TRMM tend to underestimate precipitation (Bias values of −1.6 and −3.0, respectively), especially during the rainy season. On an annual basis, both SP estimates are underestimating precipitation, although IMERG estimates records (R = 0.82) are slightly closer to that of the corresponding gauge station records than those of 3B43 (R = 0.81). Finally, the influence of elevation of both SP estimates was considered by grouping rain gauge stations in three categories, with respect to their elevation. Results indicated that both SP estimates underestimate precipitation with increasing elevation and overestimate it at lower elevations.
doi:10.3390/rs12193212 fatcat:5hx3gc42kbfknla3w2nseqnxtq