Stability of Cereal Crops to Drought and Saline Stress in Vivo and in Vitro

Nina Terletskaya, Nina Khailenko, Kabl Zhambakin
2013 Journal of Life Sciences  
Complex research is devoted to basic non-specific stress-reactions caused by abiotic factors such as drought and salinity in vivo and in vitro. A comparative physiological, biochemical and cytogenetic analysis was performed and showed the peculiarities of growth and viability on various (cellular, tissular, organismic) levels of plants structural arrangement at stress conditions. Determined the parameters of the growth, ion balance, the content of free proline, superoxide dismutase activity and
more » ... conducted the cytological studies. The commonness of cytological reactions of plant cells to abiotic stress was revealed. The considerable positive correlation relationships between growth of callus biomass and increases of primary roots number under abiotic stressess, between growth of callus biomass and capacity for survival of seedlings under osmotic stress were registered. Such correlation tells about comparability of stress tolerance valuation at different levels of plants structural arrangement. The considerable negative correlation between K + /Na + ions relations and percent increase of free proline in calluses were showed. Physiological and biochemical indicators of abiotic stresses impact on plants cells and tissues, such as SOD activity and K + /Na + ions correlation were noted. These indicators are effective as metabolic markers in the course of testing and selection of stress-resistant cereals in vivo and in vitro.
doi:10.17265/1934-7391/2013.02.006 fatcat:hsgpxcj6wfaitgt6fiu2qnxgiq