Co-relationship between Expression of Keratins and Vimentin in Breast Cancer Tissures and Metastases of Breast Cancer

Young Jong Jegal, Jung Han Yoon, Chang Soo Park
2003 Journal of Korean Breast Cancer Society  
significance indicating bone marrow micrometastases. However, The cases possesing cytokeratin 8, 18, and 19 expression, altogether 75% or more showed a significantly high risk to bone marrow micrometastases. In that cases, addition of vimentin expression allowed a more higher possibility of bone marrow micrometastases. Conclusion: A high expression of cytokeratin 8 among cytokeratins was related with bone marrow metastases. However, vimentin expression by itself did not show any realtionship
more » ... h bone marrow metastases. So, a further study is needed in order to reveal the role of vimentin expression in progression and metastases of breast cancer. (Journal of Korean Breast Cancer Society 2003;6:148-154) ꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏꠏ
doi:10.4048/jkbcs.2003.6.3.148 fatcat:fkhiueqpjjadjmfahe47icvtn4