Dynamic Behavior of Rapeseed Oil Spray in Diesel Engine

Azwan Sapit, Mohd Azahari Razali, Mohd Faisal Hushim, M. Jaat, Akmal Nizam Mohammad, Amir Khalid
2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
Fuel-air mixing is important process in diesel combustion which significantly affects the combustion and emission of diesel engine. Due to the nature of biomass fuel that has high viscosity and high distillation temperature, the condition and furthermore the improvement of atomization process is very important. This study investigates the atomization characteristics and droplet dynamic behaviors of diesel engine spray fueled by rapeseed oil (RO). Optical observation of RO spray was carried out
more » ... ay was carried out using shadowgraph photography technique. Single nanospark photography technique was used to study the characteristics of the rapeseed oil spray while dual nanospark shadowgraph technique was used to study the spray droplet behavior. Using in-house image processing algorithm, the images were processed and the boundary condition of RO spray also was studied. The results show that RO has very poor atomization due to the high viscosity nature of the fuel. This is in agreement with the results from spray droplet dynamic behavior studies that shows due to the high viscosity, the droplets are large in size and travel downward, with very little influence of entrainment effect due to its large kinematic energy.
doi:10.4028/www.scientific.net/amm.773-774.520 fatcat:xd4s5ltwl5evxpwrzrkhx3zude