Development and plasticity of the corpus callosum

Noelia S. De León Reyes, Lorena Bragg-Gonzalo, Marta Nieto
2020 Development  
ABSTRACTThe corpus callosum (CC) connects the cerebral hemispheres and is the major mammalian commissural tract. It facilitates bilateral sensory integration and higher cognitive functions, and is often affected in neurodevelopmental diseases. Here, we review the mechanisms that contribute to the development of CC circuits in animal models and humans. These species comparisons reveal several commonalities. First, there is an early period of massive axonal projection. Second, there is a
more » ... temporal window, varying between species, in which early callosal projections are selectively refined. Third, sensory-derived activity influences axonal refinement. We also discuss how defects in CC formation can lead to mild or severe CC congenital malformations.
doi:10.1242/dev.189738 pmid:32988974 fatcat:psqxaoueujebtmacf5ytde3i6y