NGCTCS : Next - generation Chinese Train Control System

Lin Junting, Dang Jianwu, Min Yongzhi
2016 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review  
The Chinese Train Control Systems (CTCS) have five levels from 0 to 4 based on the levels of the European Train Control Systems (ETCS). The complicated and redundant structures ensure the reliability and safety of CTCS. However, the requirements of the next-generation train control system to optimize system structure and to reduce cost of investment and maintenance are hardly met. First, the state of the art of CTCS was summarized in this study. Second, the system structure and characteristics
more » ... f the five typical control system projects, namely, NGTC, SHIFT2RAIL, Positive Train Control, European Rail Traffic Management System-Regional, and Urbalis Fluence, were analyzed. Based on the actual construction of the CTCS, the developing demand on the next-generation Chinese train control system (NGCTCS) was analyzed. The three key technologies of moving block, cognitive radio for train-to-train (CR-T2T), and combined positioning were introduced. A system scheme for the overall structure of the NGCTCS, a train-centric train control system based on combined position technology, and CR-T2T were proposed in this study. This scheme can provide reference for Chinese railways to develop NGCTCS and to adapt to the development trend of NGCTCS to ensure security, simplify structure, optimize function allocation, and reduce the system cost of construction and maintenance.
doi:10.25103/jestr.096.18 fatcat:sxcpr2q65vclxkb2dfeh6ts5iy